Admit it, you've done it, everyone's done it, but if you do it in July, you can totally get your license suspended.

Actually, 71% of people use their phone while driving. That's an astronomical percentage. Expect it to go down by the end of June though.

As of July 1, Texting While Driving will be classified as a moving violation.

And if you get three moving violations in a year, your license will be suspended.

Texting and Driving isn't the only thing that will be classified as a moving violation when it comes to you and your phone.

This also includes operating the GPS on your phone, playing music, etc. In fact, Illinois State Police say if you get caught with your phone in your hand, that’s a violation.

Including all of those extra things in a Texting While Driving violation could pretty much seal your fate for a ticket if a cop sees a phone in your hand.

The police will be on the lookout starting July 1. Go hands-free or get ready to hand in your drivers license.

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