We all have things that drive us crazy. For me, these are the first things that come to mind.

It is impossible to choose a good cup of coffee in Rockford...


...because with places like Wired Cafe, Rockford Roasting Co., Meg's Daily Grind and Katie's Cup, it's hard to decide


Working out in Rockford is a nightmare...


...with an Anytime Fitness on every other corner where you can work out at whatever time you'd like. Premier Fitness has very specialized training even for competitive bodybuilding. Peak Sports Club is great for your whole family and it's like belonging to a country club (without the country club cost). And now, Orange Theory has come to town and they're 'backed by science' and a promise that after every workout, you'll burn calories for 36 hours. Uggggh! Too many choices and too many ways to succeed.


There really is NOTHING to do in Rockford...

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

...if your goal is be a lump on the couch. As a matter of fact, you can stay right there on the couch and see just how much 'nothing' there is going on by clicking here, here and even here.


There are way too many people on the bike path...


...and they're always waving, nodding or throwing words of encouragement out.


And as far as beer is concerned, this town is ridiculous...


... by that, I mean a ridiculous amount of beers to chose from. There are well over 100 choices at just these 4 Rockford places: Alchemy, The Olympic Tavern, Oasis Micro Pub and Aero Ale House.

What about Rockford annoys you?