Ladies and gentlemen, we've entered roller coaster season.

We made it guys. It's un-officially summer and that means tan lines, flip-flops and roller coasters.

But please don't wear your flip-flops on roller coasters, it's dangerous and I don't want to promote danger.

When I was little, my brother and I were really weird. We were planning a trip to Great America and I had never been on a roller coaster before. It was my brother's mission to get me on one, and in order to do that, he nerdily developed contracts for me to sign.

I swear he made six or seven individual contracts based on the specific roller coasters at Six Flags, and what I "would earn" depending on which one I rode.

There were a lot of financial possibilities on those contracts, apparently my brother was a baller.

I can't even remember if I rode any of those rides when we went that year, but thinking back I definitely should have. I could use an extra $100 and having him empty the dishwasher for a week right about now.

Since it's roller coaster season, I thought I'd tell you that story and also give you a list of awesome coasters that you should visit this summer, and/or make a contract for your little sister to ride her first roller coaster.

This list comes to us from Thrillest, and while I have been to Great America and to Cedar Point, I can't give you an opinion on all of these rides, but I will send this post to my brother as soon as I'm done writing it, I'm sure he could give you an insider rider's perspective.

The 7 Best Roller Coasters Within 6 Hours of Rockford, According to Thrillest

  1. Millennium Force, 93 miles per hour with a 300-foot drop, Cedar Point
  2. The Boss, 5,000 ft wooden coaster, Six Flags St. Louis Railroad
  3. Top Thrill Dragster, 120 miles per hour, 420 ft high, Cedar Point
  4. Banshee, world's longest and fastest inverted roller coaster, Kings Island
  5. The Beast, world's longest wooden ride, Kings Island
  6. Hades 360, 360 degree inverted roll, Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park
  7. Rougarou, floor-less roller coaster, Cedar Point

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