It's that time of year for gift giving. It's also that time of year when some of those gifts really suck. Here are the worst.

If you think booze is the go-to gift of the holidays, think again. According to a national poll done by Consumer Reports, almost 25% of Americans think spirits are the "least wanted gift to receive" while wine did seem to do a bit better.

Here are the "least-wanted" gifts of 2014.

  • Spirits (whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy, etc.) 25%
  • Flowers/plants 23%
  • Home décor (e.g., frames, candles) 13%
  • Books 8%
  • Kitchen items 7%
  • Clothes 6%
  • Wine 6%
  • Clothing accessories (e.g., socks, scarves) 3%
  • Gift cards/gift certificates 3%
  • Other 2%

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