This weekend, skip your regular Vodka Lemonade for a cocktail perfect for you based on your astrological sign.

Just the other day I complimented Steve Shannon on his new Capricorn coffee mug because I'm all about the weirdness that goes along with astrological signs.

His daughter gave it to him for his birthday, and according to this chart, he shouldn't fill it with coffee, but instead "The Old Pal" which is a mix of rye whiskey, vermouth, campari, and lemon.

That's not something I would want to try, so I'm glad the Aries cocktail is more my style. A little spicier than usual for me, but hey it's tequila and grapefruit juice so I'll try it!


Check out the whole chart here and Scorpios, please tell me how delicious your drink is!

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