Balls, tees and key lime pie? Who knew you could find this entire combo in one spot in Rockford. 

We're officially counting down to Christmas, less than ten days until those presents needs to be bought, wrapped and placed under the tree, if you still need a few gifts for the golfers in your life and you like pie, we found your next shopping stop.

Maybe you've been to The Golf Shack and Garrett's Restaurant a thousand times or maybe you've never been there, either way it's the place to be for last minute gifts and key lime pie.

I'm not kidding about the pie, it's the best key lime I've ever tasted, hands down.

Cary stopped by Good Day Stateline this week for Game Day and to tell us all about what they have going on this holiday season.

While I don't really really need to buy any presents for golfers this year, I'm dreaming about the pie, so maybe the next time my family comes in town for dinner I'll take them over there.

Have you had key lime pie anywhere else in Rockford? Where? Honestly up until this week I didn't even know I liked key lime pie, but I guess I really do, so I need to properly make sure I'm not missing out on other great varieties in the Stateline.

They say your tastebuds change every 7 years, right? This must be my 'key lime' change.

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