Tuesday is National Taco Day and National Golf Lovers Day. I feel like this day was made for me. Because guess what? It's also National Vodka Day.

Three of my favorite things all rolled up in one day. Like a burrito... sorry I drifted off message. So how do we celebrate my friends? Simple. Go golfing, sip on a vodka lemonade in between strokes, and hit the closest Mexican joint right after for some tacos. I bet your Tuesday just got a whole lot better. (Cough cough) Sorry boss I'm sick today...

Here are the best Taco/Golf pairings in the Rockford Area:

Sinnissippi for golf and Taco Betty's for lunch.


Aldeen for golf and the new Mexico Classico for lunch.


Ledges for golf and Sabrosa for lunch.


Elliot for golf and Alvarez for lunch.


Swan Hills and DeJuan for lunch.

Get your golf on. It will be too cold in another month or so.


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