Who would've thought a place that specializes in pancakes also makes a pretty mean waffle?

Insider put together a list of every state's best spot for waffles in the US using Yelp reviews and a couple of other factors.

At the top of the list for Illinois is Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe.

The Wildberry Belgium Waffle is delicious, and the California Fig omelette was unique and tasty. My wife and I would definitely recommend them both.

Ooh so not only are the waffles and pancakes delicious sounding, but Wildberry is also killing it in the omelette game too?

Despite the challenges many restaurants are facing with the pandemic it seems Wildberry has continued to thrive. They now have outdoor seating and while there are many who are dealing with fears of going out to eat Yelp reviewers have been raving on this popular pancake (and now waffle) destination in droves.

There are four Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe locations in Illinois. The closest to Rockford is at 1383 N. Meachem Road in Schaumburg. There are two others in Chicago with another in Libertyville.

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