Go Cubs go, go Cubs go, hey Chicago what'dya say, the Cubs clinched a big title yesterday.

Hey, just because I'm a Twins fan doesn't mean I can't cheer on the Cubs. I even made it to a game at Wrigley this year...and sat in intermittent rain storms for close to 9 innings; I think that makes me an honorary Cubs fan.

Besides, regardless of what team you cheer for, there's nothing more exciting that October baseball.

According to dna info, here's how the first four games, it's the best out of five, against the Nationals will play out on TBS:

Friday, Oct. 6: Cubs at Nationals

Saturday, Oct. 7: Cubs at Nationals

Monday, Oct. 9: Nationals at Cubs

Tuesday, Oct. 10: Nationals at Cubs * if necessary

Go Cubs Go!

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