Are y'all ready for the Polar Vortex? The first one of the season is on it's way to the Midwest and I don't even know what it really means.

Is this a prediction of how bitterly cold our Winter is going to be? I hope not. I don't mind the snow, but the freezing cold weather can stick it where the sun don't shine. And by the way, Polar Vortex? Doesn't it seem like they come up with new, scarier words for things all the time? I never heard of a Polar Vortex when I was a kid. But I'm sure we had them, and probably worse than they are now. So what exactly does a Polar Vortex consist of? I was curious so I did a little investigating.


What is a Polar Vortex?

The polar vortex is not a new thing, but the term is (I knew I was right). It became popular in 2014. It basically means that it's going to be cold AF. Yup, that's about it.

But if you want to know all the technical stuff behind exactly what it is and what causes it, then read the rest of this Washington Post article. In the mean time, make sure you have all the necessary accessories to keep yourself and your kids warm. Sounds like it's going to be perfect snuggling by the fireplace weather so you may want to stock up on firewood and wine too. Whatever you do, stay warm.