If you've traveled around Rockford you know that some intersections are worse than others. These are the absolute worst.

Just a reminder, this list is completely subjective. Some roads I travel more often than others, so if I miss one, let me know.

1. East State and Alpine

The bane of my existence. Ever since I moved to Rockford this intersection has annoyed me. You know it's bad you consider "today might just be my day" if you make the light.

2. East State and Perryville

Traffic, traffic everywhere. If you wanted to turn left going west onto East State, you better make sure you get over early, because you have no chance if you wait too long. Added bonus, getting stuck in the intersection during a red light at the road just south of East State. That's always fun and awkward.

3. Charles and Fairview

For the most part, it seems this intersection is fairly innocuous. Everything is fine at the corner of Charles and Fairview until winter hits. Have you ever tried to get up through that intersection in a stick shift? It's nearly impossible.

4. Five Points

Sure there's no lights in the Five Points area of town. That's a blessing and a curse. The spot where Rural, Guilford and Prospect all meet makes me usually overly cautious. So many stop signs so many turns. Is the guy who got there a nanosecond after me going to go? Is he going to wait? Is he making a sharp right turn or just your standard right turn?

5. Auburn and Main roundabout

Obligatory addition to the worst intersections of Rockford. That being said, do you remember the intersection before the roundabout? Terrible. Those lights would take forever. If you missed the light you could count on an easy five minute wait before it would be your turn.

Honorable mention to the off ramp of I-90 onto East State. Do you stop? Do you merge slowly? Does the other guy need to go the same speed as you while getting into the same lane? Does he not see me? Those are all questions we ask while merging onto East State off I-90.

Did we miss any? What do you think are the worst intersections in Rockford?

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