This restaurant in Illinois offers delivery from the Grinch.

I think the common theme for this crazy year for local businesses is creativity. I see it all over the place and each time I am even more impressed.

I believe restaurants might have been hit the worst No, indoor seating, or if they are lucky, very little. Owners have been coming up with ideas to try and stay afloat. Things like having outdoor seating and tents with heaters. Offering curbside carry out and delivery. Serving drinks to go. Making other products available. Also, catering for the special holidays.

One of my favorite ideas was a burger joint in Wisconsin that offered delivery from Drag Queens. Check out that story, HERE. Of course, that's not family-friendly or for everyone. It's definitely hitting a specific audience.

Here's an idea that works for most people and perfect for the holidays.

According to,

"The Grinch has found a new job this holiday season: delivering orders for a Chicago-area restaurant. Antonino's in La Grange announced the restaurant is offering deliveries from the Grinch every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday through Christmas. For people outside the La Grange area, the Grinch will also be handing out deliveries curbside at 701 W. Hillgrove Ave. on Tuesdays."

Check it out for yourself from Antonino's Ristorante Facebook page...

Maybe, you and the family can road trip into the suburbs, get some food from the Grinch, and go check out some drive-thru holiday light displays. For a list, HERE.

Just a little warning, some people are afraid of the Grinch. I actually know a couple.

I hope someone does this in the Rockford area too.


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