A picture posted on Facebook has the internet wondering what's going on inside this old Rockford building.

The picture posted on the Rockford Reminisce Facebook page by fan Becca wanted to know what the building in the picture used to be and what's going on there now.

The responses ranged from "service station" to "eyesore" and "the owners had diplomatic immunity and no one could force them to care for the building or stop them from doing illegal business there because of their immunity!"

However, I was intrigued. I've seen the building while sitting at the North 2nd Street and Y Boulevard stoplight for many years with nary a person walk in or out of it's doors.

I've never seen a car parked there either. All I knew is the building had been painted some funky looking colors.

So the question remains, what was that building used for back in the day and what's up with it now?

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