A heartwarming story is making its way around the internet from a traveler who sat next to a 92-year-old woman visiting Rockford.

The woman in the story is referred to as "Pearl," and it sounds like she has lived a very full life.

According to the story, posted on Reddit by dirtydirtydictionary, the woman was headed to Rockford and struck up a conversation during a flight from Idaho to Chicago with the person seated next to her.

That's where "Pearl," literally shared her life story. From life to death, it looks like a lot was covered during the flight.

A typical one-way flight to Chicago from Idaho is about three hours 30 minutes. That's not a ton of time to rattle off as many details as "Pearl" did but somehow she managed.

By the time we're done with Pearl's story, it feels like it would have been better shared on a rollercoaster than an airplane.

The ups and downs of life all shared during what nearly amounts to one start to finish viewing of Gone With The Wind. The only difference is, we actually DO give a damn. For instance. Who is "Pearl?"

"Her name is maybe the only thing she didn't actually share with me. I just assume it is Pearl."

That's where you come in, do you know of any 92-year-old women from Idaho who recently visited Rockford? If so, tell us! We'd love to hear from "Pearl."

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