Not only was the Super Bowl on last night, a new episode of Rockford's, 'The Deadersons,' was released.

Back in November, I was lucky enough to be a part of 'The Deadersons,' and last night I got to see my acting skills on video.

I was at a Super Bowl party watching the episode and my nieces and nephews, who especially loved my comedic spin as I chased the main characters out of the restaurant... which starts at about 23 minutes in.

NotebookMovies VIA YouTube

My acting skills may not be the greatest, but that zombie contour sure is.

NotebookMovies VIA YouTube

The coolest part is that this is also the episode that Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick), is also in the episode.

Ok, it was also pretty cool to see my name in the credits.

NotebookMovies VIA YouTube

Check out the episode above, and don't forget there's much more to, 'The Deadersons,' than just one episode.