Do you know someone who is a big fan of horror films, specifically Friday The 13th?

File this under: "things nobody really needs but would be cool to have."

I didn't watch anything from the Friday The 13th series until late in my teen years. Thankfully so because I would have had nightmares for sure. (Horror films were not my jam, I could barely handle Unsolved Mysteries.)


Let's be real, it is fall but we know what season it really is.

Obviously, that's a joke (and a good one) but you know it's fall when Spirit Halloween stores pop up inside vacant stores no matter when you live.

Halloween stores are always full of fun costumes, props, and decorations. The downfall, though, is everyone else has the same things, it's hard to find truly unique items.

If you're looking for something completely unique, something your neighbors or friends likely don't have, you're in luck. This is especially true if Jason Voorhees is your jam.

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A guy in Illinois dropped an interesting piece of 'Friday The 13th' decor on Facebook Marketplace. It's interesting in that it appears to be lifesize, or close to it, and it's unpainted.

Steve Knopp, Facebook
Steve Knopp, Facebook
Steve Knopp, Facebook
Steve Knopp, Facebook

This item is listed at $100, as of this article.

It's a pretty interesting piece of... art? Maybe you could paint it to look like a real-life replica of Jason Voorhees.

Whatever you chose to do with this, please hide it around your home or office and send us videos of it scaring the pee out of your friends.

You can find it here "while supplies last."

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