For some odd reason, a nearly six-year-old story is circulating the internet like it happened yesterday.

Matter of fact, this isn't the first time the story has made the rounds on the intertubes.

I recall reading about it late last year and now again today.

The headline from WIFR reads:

The story mentions, "A kid found Albert the alligator near a boat landing dock on the rock river in South Beloit over the weekend."

"Vets say Albert was lucky to be found alive" and "Animal Control believes that the alligator was a pet." Wait, what? Someone in the area had an alligator as a pet?

Anyway, the story is old, but we can appreciate it. It's not everyday an alligator is found in the Rock River but with the amount of traction this 2011 story is getting you have to wonder how many people would like for it to happen more often.

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