I have noticed some really cool art while walking, biking, or driving through the streets of my neighborhood recently, but it has left me with so many questions.

First question; I thought it was illegal for residents to paint fire hydrants? Well, if you live in the City of Rockford it is, but in other places like Cherry Valley or DeKalb, it totally isn't.

Now here comes the part where I admit I feel like an awful Cherry Valley Township resident right now because I was today year's old when I learned about the 'Art of Fire' competition that I totally missed out on.

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For weeks I have been wondering why all these beautifully painted fire hydrants were popping up in the Cherry Valley area, but I never bothered to look it up until today.  (shame on me, I know). The 'Art on Fire' event was spearheaded by the Village of Cherry Valley, and the winners were announced by the Cherry Valley Police Department during their National Night Out Event on August 3rd.

Just look at how cool some of these entries are!

My kids and I would have totally loved to paint a dalmatian fire hydrant, but...I also know our art would never have been able to compete with these super talented winners...

To all the hydrant artists I want to say a big thank you! Your creations have certainly put a smile on my face when I see them, and I only wish I hadn't been living under a rock so I could have been a part of the painting fun too!

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