The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs do battle om the gridiron this Sunday, during Super Bowl 54. Hey that's great, but do you have your food and drink figured out?

Sometimes the party is bigger than the game. Who's bringing the chips, will there be those mini weenies, do I need to bring my own beer? Wait, are we playing drinking games?

I found a way to keep things interesting for the "Big Game" from Delish. Here is the "Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game." For the FULL GAME click on the link.

Proceed with caution, ALWAYS have a D.D., drink water in between, and be safe....With that said, check this out:


  • Drink When:
  • 20 Yard Pass
  • Player Cries
  • There's an interception


  • Finish Drink:
  • Baby or animal during a commercial
  • Halftime show mess up


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