Christmas is here and so is the hate. Kind of, check out the least liked holiday songs in the U.S.

In a recent post by AccuRadio, they listed the least liked Christmas songs according to the states they believe have the lowest holiday spirit.

So you know going in that people in these states pretty much dislike Christmas.

What I don't understand is how could you hate Christmas? I understand that sometimes something may happen personally that could impact your enjoyment of the holiday but I think you have to be able to find something good in the holiday.

Nevertheless, here are the U.S.' least favorite holiday songs.

  1. Christmas Don't Be Late - The Chipmunks
  2. (Let's Give) a Christmas Present to Santa Claus - Rosemary Clooney
  3. My! My! Time Flies! - Enya
  4. New Year's Eve - Snoop Dogg
  5. This Christmas - Chris Brown

In case you were wondering, there are people who do have some favorite holiday songs:


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