How well can you spell? Even if you're not the best speller, you probably know to spell this word, right? 

Spelling is not my forte, and to be honest, neither is pronouncing words. I truly don't know how I've managed to work in the broadcasting world for the past decade but please let me keep my jobs.

What I am good at is memorizing. So, when I was a kid I would get an F on the spelling pre-tests we would take, but then I would end up with an A+ on the actual test, it worked out well for me, but never sent me to a spelling bee or anything.

But I'm not over here googling how to spell the most googled spelling word in Illinois, are you?

Do you know how to spell ANNIVERSARY?

I question why we don't know how to spell this one... is it the double N? Or perhaps the A at the end?

Either way I was surprised when I saw this spelling map that Illinois resident have trouble with this one.

Google Trends
Google Trends

However, this is not as embarrassing as some of the other states spelling words... LOSE? LITTLE? COUSIN? CHEESE?

I will say I have no idea how to spell BOUTONNIERE if I don't look it up, so that makes total sense.

What word do you struggle with?

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