It was seventeen years ago that a rich, popular; bubbly blonde fashion merchandising student from Los Angeles made a major impression on Harvard University by putting together a video that, if YouTube had existed back then, would have made her a viral sensation overnight.

Little did Elle Woods know at the time, is that her video essay would someday become the norm for other college students who have big dreams of being lawyers and doctors, but maybe don't have the grades...or test scores to get in.

According to WGN TV, that's exactly what the University of Chicago is going to start accepting. The elite college is the first major research university in the nation to eliminate the requirement of ACT and SAT scores; instead, they'll allow applicants to introduce themselves with a 2-minute video.

Additionally, the school will provide full tuition for students whose families make less than $125,000 and new scholarships will be available for police officers, fire fighters, military veterans and their children.

Ready to apply? Start the process here.

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