Can you think of the last thing you ordered online? What was it?

Whatever it was, you probably had to do a Google search in order to find a website that offers the best of whatever it is and at the best price. That was me last night when I went online to order a tripod for my iPhone. Seems pretty normal, right?

So is the "weirdest" thing that people from Illinois Google the most when they're doing their online shopping.

According to Estately, it's an electric wine bottle opener. What's weird about that?

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Weird is truck nuts; I'm looking at you, Wisconsin.

Here are 6 other things that Illinoisans Google the most when doing online shopping:

No need to Google, either; if all of a sudden you feel the need to purchase one of these items (I know I could use a giant wine glass), just click the links below.

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