Molly Schuyler, the same Molly Schuyler that destroyed The Don Challenge at Mamma Mia's, is now a new world record holder.

Schuyler set the world record recently by eating a gigantic 3.5 pound cheeseburger, "a side of fries and a 20 oz. drink" in "one minute, 37 seconds" according to People.

The glorious or "unglorious" (depending on who you ask) feat was accomplished at Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries in North Carolina.

Schuyler demolished her food so quickly, it's probably the most amazing thing you'll see all day.

After eating "5.7 pounds of food and drink," Schuyler was named the big winner collecting a "$2,500 grand prize."

In case you missed it, check out what Schuyler and her partner did to The Don Challenge at Mamma Mia's in Rockford.

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