This is pretty shocking considering how transparent the Cubs usually are as an organization. 

NOTE: I fully realize that I'm wading dangerously close to clickbait waters on that headline. My apologies if you're offended, please don't report me.

So we all know by now that Anthony Rizzo suffered a horrible ankle sprain (I'm not linking the video. Too gross) during Sunday's game. The good news is that it wasn't a fracture. The bad news is that it was bad. Anthony is currently in a walking boot and using a scooter to get around.

That's where this becomes a conspiracy, or maybe just a cover-up. Not one beat reporter.

Not two beat reporters.

But three beat reporters describe this awesome scooter that Anthony's riding around on.

My man question is... WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS? Has anything happened in the Cubs clubhouse the past 3 years that we haven't at least seen a picture of? NO.

My main theory is that there is something OBSCENE on it. Either some VERY vulgar language or some sort of phallic decoration. Possibly both.

We're waiting Cubs....

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