Wherever there is food worth talking about inevitably I will find it. This is always the case at festivals and outdoor events. For instance, in a matter of four or five hours, I was able to find the best Italian beef amongst three vendors. It's Mustard's, by the way.

Let me get your mother watering by telling you, without a hint of uncertainty, that this mac-n-cheese is something you don't want to sleep on. Not only will you be supporting a great local business, but you will also discover your new favorite food.

This mac-n-cheese, which is not something you will find in a box, I found at LP Music Fest on the day Cheap Trick. (This was a double win for me personally because A. I love Cheap Trick and B. the mac-n-cheese).


Settle down, it's coming.

The delicious, warm, melty, perfectly flavored mac-n-cheese can be found near Rockford's south(ish) side of town. If you're wanting me to be more specific I don't blame you. It's a stone's throw away from Harrison Avenue and Alpine Road.

This truly life-changing mac-n-cheese isn't plain and ordinary. This delicious dish is a layered sensation for your taste buds. It's mac-n-cheese on the bottom, mouth-watering barbecue beef brisket in middle, and topped with either raw or cooked onions.

My advice, raw onions all the way.


Ok, ok, I'll share the secret. You'll find it at Screw City Tavern in Rockford. Remember, I would never lie to you about food.

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