We know you love the Cubs, but please don't use these baby names.

The Cubs are my favorite team, in all the sports, and I'm not alone in this. Not only are Cubs fans the best in the sports world, they're the best fans of anything.

Because of this, we've got a plethora of little babies with Cubs themed names. A few little boys names Anthony, Kris, Bryant, and some girls named Grace and Addison.

Those are fine, but sometimes, Cubs fans can go a little too far.

Let's pretend your last name is Johnson...these are the ten worst Cubs names for your baby, please don't use them!

  • Grandpa Rossy Johnson
  • Rizzo Javy Johnson
  • Dexter Fowler Johnson
  • Waveland Sheffield Johnson
  • Billy Goat Johnson
  • Andre Dawson Johnson
  • Addison Baez Johnson
  • Schwarber Maddon Johnson, or 'Schwarb' Johnson
  • Harry Carey Johnson
  • Heyward Ross Johnson

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