Did each woman get her own personal Santa?

Wine and paint parties are pretty standard these days. Whether you set one up at home, at a bar or venture to a place that's sole business is the painting.

That's what you get when you go to Bottle & Bottega. There are a bunch of locations but today we're talking about the one in Glen Ellyn.

I actually went there in May for a friend's bachelorette party and we painted a sky scene (or whatever you want to call what mine ended up being...).

This weekend, they had a different paint theme, at least for one party, Christmas packages.

Ok, I dunno if that's really what this painting is called, but I have a feeling it's something along those lines.

So without further ado, I have the following questions:

  • There are for sure some moms in that group... would you paint packages on a guy with your mom?
  • Was there a human model present for this painting?
  • Did they start at the top of the torso or the bottom?
  • Is it too early to paint Christmas packages?
  • The girl all the way to the left on top looks like she wants to hang that up all year round...
  • Do you put this up in a bathroom?
  • Whoever took this photo did not think about those painting placements... the poor girl in the back with the red ornament looks like she is part of the photo and don't get me started about the ladies to the far right... she put her friend's head in the package.
  • Girl on the bottom right is clearly giving hers to grandma.

All jokes aside, I love drinking and painting, and I would totally go to that class and then ship my painting to someone as a hilarious Christmas joke because I could not hang that in my apartment, because as Lenny likes to say, I am a 'librarian.'

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