Experts warn that many of the hashtags you use when sharing photos of your kids on social media exposes them to child predators.

One more thing to think about when living your life online and this one is vitally important. We all share dozens of photos of our children and I'd bet, for the most part, we don't think about some predator using our pictures for illicit behavior.

Our hashtag choices and privacy settings (or lack thereof) are unintentionally exposing our children to predators, according to experts. The Child Rescue Coalition says that by age two, 90% of kids have online exposure, and that inspired the coalition to launch a campaign aimed at getting parents to pause before posting.

The coalition created a list of popular hashtags used by predators, that parents should avoid using. Here are some of the most popular:

There are many more on the list, which you can find HERE. When you click that link, you will also find suggestions on how to best change your privacy settings to protect your photos.

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