Scrolling the internet, I happened upon a list from makers of all lists, Thrillist.

This one happened to highlight 28 of the "Best Vietnamese Restaurants in America."

Per usual, Thrillist only highlights restaurants in major metropolitan areas, and you know what, it kind of irritates me.

Sure, Chicago has a Vietnamese restaurant on the list, HaiSous, but what if you want to eat here in Rockford?

So I figured I would highlight some of the best in town so you can skip the trip to The Windy City and stay in town.

For a little assistance, I figured I would enlist the help of Yelp, and searched for highest rated Vietnamese food.

The results were amazing and in truth, pretty mouthwatering. It also made me realize I need to check out some these places.

However, one of these Rockford restaurants stuck out as a "must visit."

Hai Quynh, 324 7th Street in Rockford, is that "must visit" restaurant. One reviewer referred to the decor as "kitschy" and "welcome and relaxed."

Yelp reviewers call Hai Quynh the "absolute best" and "one of those authentic places you have to judge by the food and not by the cover."

Here are the top 5 Vietnamese Restaurants in Rockford according to Yelp.

  1. Hai Quynh Restaurant, 324 7th Street
  2. Rock-Pho'd, 6551 East Riverside Boulevard
  3. Sisters Thai Cafe, 514 East State Street
  4. Pho Square Vietnamese Restaurant, 6338 East Riverside Boulevard
  5. Pho 815, 7437 East State Street

Keep in mind that the rankings change all the time on Yelp and based on review could move up or down the list.

Did Yelp miss one? What do you think is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Rockford?

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