We've all had visions of what we would do if we won Powerball. This is what I would do, plain and simple.

Let's just say for a minute that I won Powerball. Hold on a sec, I want to let that sink in. OK, first, I'd be really happy I won then I'd pay off my house, loans, etc.

I'd give to charity, I'd support all my favorite things. I'd also support my favorite people.

I would then send out invitations for a huge Powerball party at my house. I'd even invite all of the not-so nice people, because now that I'm totally rich, I can let bygones be bygones, right?

I would lineup all of my favorite people while I sat at a table. My favorite people would come to the table one at a time and I would hand them an large sum of cash (I dunno, let's say $100,000) and they would walk away happy.

I would also allow all the not-so nice people to stand there and watch that happen, because they aren't getting a dime.

Moral of the story? Be nice to everyone. You never know who might win Powerball.

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