It doesn't feel like it, but today is the first official day of fall, and let's be honest, since Labor Day weekend, most of us have been celebrating the arrival of our favorite season because it means we get to bring out...or buy...our favorite autumn gear: leggings, large cable knit sweaters, hoodies, riding boots and Illinois' top fall fashion trend - the scarf.

According to Today, and Google, the scarf is the most sought after fall item in Illinois. Kashmir, cotton, wool, rectangular, the infintity, or even a pashmina, you name it; we want it.

What about our neighbors?

Wisconsin shoppers are loving long cardigans, Iowans are hot for thigh high socks and to the east, those in Indiana - embroidered booties.

See the colorful infographic of fall trends around the country here.

Or distract yourself and get inspired to spruce up your own fall wardrobe with some of these adorable scarfs.


What is your favorite thing to wear in fall?

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