The new 'Ghostbusters' movie's trailer has been named the most disliked video in YouTube's history, but we have our own disliked video to offer up.

'Ghostbusters' comes out tomorrow. Can you believe it's actually here? We've heard so much about the movie in the last year, and the trailer made huge news when it was deemed the "most disliked" in YouTube history.

Yikes, YouTubers, have a heart.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie isn't half bad, which makes it even weirder that the trailer was so disliked.

We decided to take a trip to our YouTube channel to find our most disliked video and share it with you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you my "explanation" of the song, "Hanging Tree" by Jennifer Lawrence.

And the comment section sure has a lot to say about my explanation, too.


I didn't read the book, whoops. I was just having a little fun with the song, which I did with nine other songs in my "Michelle Explains" series.

It's kinda fun to have the most disliked video on the channel.