Don't say I didn't warn you.

The week before DogHaus opened in Rockford they generously dropped off some food at the radio station.

I tried some tots and was sold, but I knew there was more than perfectly crispy tater tots to the restaurant so I made a stop in and OMG I will never be the same.

First, the decor is amaze. I felt like I was in the coolest casual fast food restaurant I've ever been in.

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From the fancy bar to the wall of photos near the bathrooms, I could see myself spending hours just sitting and people watching because the restaurant was that inviting.

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Next, I ordered. I was pretty certain DogHaus has mastered hot dogs and sausages, but what about the turkey dog?

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So I ordered it. The turkey dog, better known as, 'free bird,' was paired with the best piece of bacon I've ever had, tomatoes, avocados and miso ranch sauce.

I obviously ordered the tots and then, I ordered what might be the best thing I've ever had to drink in my life.

I'm not kidding.

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The salty caramel shake.

You know how those three bears couldn't find the right consistency of porridge? That's how life is with milkshakes sometimes, they're too thin or too think and then I found this milkshake at DogHaus.

It was, just, right.

And now I can't think of anything else because I wish I was still drinking that shake.

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So here are some other photos I took of the games you can play when you hang out.

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The heated patio is opening soon too.

If you've tried any DogHaus food yet, let me know what you thought!

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