Sure it's only July, and Winter didn't truly end until about April. But does that mean it's too early for Christmas? Yes, yes it does. (And I'm the Christmas freak at B100). Still, I think we might be able to give this guy a pass.

Scott Hildebrand, a resident of Moline, is doing it all for a good cause. According to WQAD, "Christmas in July" is a week-long food drive for the Tabernacle food bank. As it happens, the drop-off spot for the food is right across from Hildebrand's display, called, "Henry's Christmas Yard."

The display includes ten inflatables, and can be found at the corner of 15th Street and 26th Avenue. It'll be up and running, supporting the food drive until it ends on July 8th.

WQAD reports that donations can be dropped off 24/7 in a bucket along the street. Donations should be non-perishable items as well as paper products or diapers.

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