Sorry Rizzo, we love you a lot, but your cereal doesn't have marshmallows.

We've had Rizzo's for over a year now, then we got Grandpa Rossy cereal, but you just buy those for the box, this time you might actually want to eat it.

No offense to Rizzo or Ross, you're both awesome, but your cereals are a little bland. Ben Zobrist on the other hand, well, his cereal has marshmallows.

The third Chicago Cub to get his own cereal, Ben Zobrist told WGN he had a lot of fun offers come his way after being named MVP of the World Series last year, but he chose to get on the cereal bandwagon, and he also got the chance to pick the cereal components.

Hence the marshmallows.

His cereal's official name is, 'Zorilla Crunch,' and you can send my dad to get you some at Jewel, because unfortunately there are no grocery stores in Rockford that will sell you the 'Zorilla.'

You can order some online, but it's pretty expensive, so you seriously might want to consider my dad... he's retiring in September so if it's still in stores then, he'll totally grab you a box or two.

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