When your birthday wish list requires more than just one sheet of paper, you might be onto something.

That's because when you get down to it, the wish list is just things you "wished" you'd receive on your birthday. It doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get them all.

For Katie Morrisey Spiritosanto, it looks like she has no choice to get them all after her son put together the funniest birthday wish list I have ever seen.

That's because her son, Johnny, has his sights set on some pretty random (and awesome) things.

Yes, Johnny wants a cloak, "preferably, orange, blue or black," including a Coke (can?), a voice changer and a mask, which he describes as "completely random."

On page 3, Johnny goes for the gusto. Hoping to add to the cloak with a "scarf, same color as cloak" along with some cat treats, a brush and a cat harness.

It's the perfect birthday list for any kid who happens to like cats and be fashionable while doing so.

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