There's no greater neighborhood competition than trying to be the best-decorated house for Christmas. This huge snowman could take you straight to the top.

This is a prime example of how trash can be turned into a treasure. Sitting in a yard in Sterling, Illinois is an eight-foot-tall snowman made entirely of an old tractor, truck and car tires. Ok, not entirely, his arms are a couple of sticks. The tractor tires really add to the girth of this behemoth. Those big farm tractor tires measure six feet in circumference.

I reached out to the seller to get just a little backstory because there's no way this didn't start as a stack of unusable tires that some guy didn't feel like hauling away. Guess what I found out?

I was stacking them up to haul away and my wife said It would be neat as a snowman. I then looked for a few smaller tires and made a face and a hat as a joke and sent a pic to her.


Please be sure to share photos of where you put this guy, should you go scoop him up.

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