Love is in the air, but how long will that love last?

Have you seen Black Mirror on Netflix? If you haven't you should. The first episode is rough, but it's a futuristic show that will creep you out at night. My favorite episode to date is "Hang the DJ", it is a story about a dating program that pairs you up with your perfect match. The program determines the length of each relationship you are partnered in.

COACH, is a website inspired by the episode. Wondering how long your relationship will last? Grab your significant other and go here. First, one of you clicks on the button, then you receive a link to send to your partner. After that you have a short period of time to click on the buttons together, thus generating your expiration date.

I did it to myself with opening up two internet tabs and got 14 years...... WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?! Ahhhhh.

Check it out and let me know if your partner is the ultimate match or next year you will have a new Valentine.

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