Health regulations are put into place regardless of whether or not we agree. During this pandemic, new health department regulations are even more prevalent in Illinois.

Over the weekend three restaurants were busted for not enforcing face masks and social distancing. Each business now has to pay a fine for their first violation. Thankfully, it didn't happen in the Rockford-area. I will tell you after a trip to some Chicago suburbs, every restaurant I went to had spaced out seating and all staff were wearing masks. This is not the case further south in Illinois. Three businesses in Springfield, Illinois were fined over the weekend, each $250 for their first violations, according to The State Journal-Register.

On Friday, Star 66 Cafe was busted for tables not being appropriately distanced. The following day, two businesses were busted after some of their staff were seen not wearing face coverings. Chatham Café and The Main Gate Bar & Grill were both fined $250 for their violations, but each business will be allowed to appeal the violation.

Interestingly, of all the bars in that county, none were violating any pandemic-related rules. It could they just weren't caught breaking the rules. Either way, it will be interesting seeing how many more businesses in Illinois will be dinged with fines for the time being.

Friendly reminder: Mask up, and only listen to people who listen to scientists and doctors.

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