'Did you get your shot yet?' Something we've never uttered casually before but now it's totally normal. When you do get that shot, make sure you are keeping track of that vaccine card. 

Gone are the days when you don't know anything about your friends' medical history. I mean really, think back... prior to 2020 did you know much about your friends' views on healthcare? I didn't.

But now talking about medical testing and vaccines is like talking about the weather.

When it comes to that vaccine, if you get one, you need to make sure to keep track of your vaccination record, for more than just a social media picture.

Which by the way you should NOT share the full card on social media.

That's reason number one you need to keep track of it... it has a ton of information on it that someone else could use which you definitely do not want.

Also, according to Good Morning America, keeping that vaccine card filed safely could be important depending on what our future holds.

We might need to get more rounds of vaccines, so knowing what brand you have and what date you got the shot would be very important in that case.

And another reason, international travel. The same article says we may end up with 'vaccine passports,' to help us travel in the future.

That's just three reasons, but there's probably a ton more, so if and when you get vaccinated, keep track of that card, and please don't post it in full on social media.

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