All we seem to hear about is how people are leaving Illinois and not turning back.

However, somehow someway the state manages to stay afloat. Maybe it's because the people who are leaving are being replaced by other people coming in.

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I guess I have never thought about that when the headlines all read, Residents Leaving in Droves, and Illinois is America's Most Messed Up State.

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Maybe it's not all bad because people are coming to the Land of Lincoln and it's not exactly from states you'd expect.

Especially when you consider all three of the top states we're getting people from are also popular destinations for folks leaving town.

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Stacker compiled a list of the States Sending the Most People to Illinois and there are some definite surprises.

Like, Wisconsin isn't one of the top three states in sending folks to Illinois. Ranked 5th overall and behind Missouri, it appears Illinois isn't as popular a choice for Wisconsin people to move to.


I guess I get that, but what I don't understand are two of the top three, the first of which is Florida.

According to Stacker, people are moving to Illinois from Florida, ranked as the third most popular overall spot people come from when moving to Illinois. What for? I have no idea why. It's Florida. You don't have to deal with winter.

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The other stunner is California, ranked as the state the second most people are moving from to come to Illinois. Again, why? You live in California. Enjoy it. Maybe people who move to Illinois from California really want to feel what winter is like.

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However, the top state to move from is Indiana. Hoosiers pick Illinois to move to more than any other state in the country. Why? Maybe proximity? That's all I got. Can't think of any other reason why. We surely know it's not to get a nice dose of wintry weather.

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