If you haven't heard, TIGER WOODS WON THE MASTERS!

You either spent your entire weekend binging GOT, or binging The Masters. I was the latter option. I really enjoy watching golf, especially when stuff like this happens. What do I mean by stuff? Obviously Tiger winning, but to me, that wasn't even the best part of the day.

The BEST part was when Tiger requested a leaf blower on the 12th hole. I thought it was incredible that he requested one in the first place. However, what happened next you simply have to see for yourself.

I present to you ... what happens when Tiger Woods requests a leaf blower at The Masters...

Tiger doesn't just get one leaf blower ... he doesn't even get just two. When Tiger wants a leaf blower, he gets THREE.

If you didn't see it live, I'm so glad you saw it now. Because like I said, it truly was one of the greatest Tiger moments at The Masters.

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