Here's some exciting Rockford news that the pandemic couldn't stop. Time to see inside the old Sears store and have some big fun.

I will be honest, i was concerned this place would never get a chance to shine. I'm pretty excited about Tilt Studio and Tilted 10. This new place for your w family to have a blast is what was being built in the now closed Sears store at Cherryvale Mall.

Tilt Studio and Tilted 10 Grand Opening party is Saturday, June 20 at 5 p.m.. They have two floors of thrills that include laser tag, arcade games, two mini golf courses, bowling like you've never seen before and a full restaurant and bar.

For this grand opening, Tilt studio and Tilted 10 are allowing 100 people to play classic arcade games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, and try out a brand new bowling experience. The Tilt staff will be practicing all CDC guidelines.

According to, not every attraction will be available at the VIP event but company reps say there will be plenty of things to do.

Buy a $50 ticket and get early admission into the Tilt Studio level of Tilted 10, a tour of the Tilted 10 Restaurant, Bar, and HyperBowling Lanes, and a Play Card with 370 Points (value of $65)

For more information and to purchase your VIP tickets for the grand opening, visit Tilted 10 on Facebook. You can also sign up for a chance to win some Golden Tickets to the grand opening.

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