2016 was packed with ups and downs. Sports, politics, music, there were so many stories. There was also a lot of action on our YouTube channel, ZOKTV.

Every day we fill our YouTube channel with videos we hope you'll love. Some... you don't, but some, you more than love.

These are the top 10 videos from our YouTube channel, ZOKTV, from 2016.

 1. Bruno Mars had a new album, and everyone wanted to talk about it.

2. Ellen pre-taped a reaction to the 2016 election and made everyone smile.

3. We all celebrated the Cubs winning the World Series, but no one smiled as big as Kris Bryant while he made the final out of the game.

4. Starbucks is always trending, but the 'Pink Drink' was huge this summer.

5. After Prince died, Steve Shannon spoke with one of his clothing designers.

6. Kanye was rushed to the hospital after multiple concert rants.

7.  We all loved the story about "Karen" on the Rock River.

8. Sami Zayn made a stop at the Steve Shannon Show to talk WWE.

9. Bozo returning? This rumor took the entire Chicagoland by storm.

10. Who knew "The Bachelorette" would pick Aaron Rodgers' brother?