Tis the season to sit on the couch or at a bar and glue yourself to the TV. But where's the best place in Rockford to catch basketball on the big screen?

Some sports are meant to be watched at home. You know which games I'm talking about. The ones that mean a LOT to your and your team. You either need to be in the stadium with all of the die hard fans, or sitting in your specific spot on your specific couch in your specific room to make sure you don't ruin your team's chance to win.

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Then there's March basketball. Sure your college team might be in the tournament this year (Hi Drake!), but chances are you're having a little more fun watching these games and you wouldn't mind doing it in public.

But where the best place to catch the game?

If you consider Yelp! a decent source of information then you'll enjoy this list of the top five sports bars in Rockford.

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Yelp!'s Top Five Sports Bars in Rockford

  1. The Detour
  2. Coach's Corner Bar & Grill (in Belvidere)
  3. Prairie Street Brewing Company
  4. Baseball Tap (in Cherry Valley)
  5. Aero Ale House

What stands out most about these locations... the TVs! You need a bunch of TVs to watch the games right?

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I'm sure Yelp!'s top five isn't your top five... how could it be? You're cooler than Yelp! right? Let us know your top five sports bars in Rockford (and the surrounding area) by sending us a message through the app chat.

Good luck with those brackets!

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