Rockford's food scene is about to get a makeover with the upcoming openings of Buona Beef and Rainbow Cone. Dive into the rest of our culinary wishlist.

Businesses We Wish Would Come to Rockford

It doesn't matter what Rockford resident you talk to, we all have a favorite store, restaurant, or business we've been exposed to while traveling that DOES NOT have a location back here in Rockford.

Almost everyone mentions Trader Joe's or Whole Foods almost immediately. I don't have confirmation on this but I think they both hate Rockford because all we keep getting are new or remodeled Aldi stores. No disrespect to Aldi but I'd love to see what all the TJ and WF hype is all about.

When that conversation gets to restaurants, we're all over the place with our favorites. Rather than share all the places that made our (informal Facebook) list, here are the chain restaurants mentioned most often.

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5 Chain Restaurants We Would LOVE To See Come to Rockford

Getty Images
Getty Images

Cheesecake Factory

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bonefish Grill

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In-N-Out Burger

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Waffle House

Raising Cane's Facebook
Raising Cane's Facebook

Raising Canes

Other chains not mentioned as often included:

  • White Castle
  • Melting Pot
  • Uncle Julio's
  • Insomnia Cookies

What have you tried somewhere else that you'd like to see come to Rockford? Two legendary family-owned Chicago chains will be opening locations in the area soon.

Buona Beef and Rainbow Cone are coming to E. Riverside Blvd, in Loves Park.

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