If it's one thing we love to do, collectively as a society, it's complain. It's expressive, therapeutic, and at times, depending on the content, it can be downright entertaining.

Take Rockford potholes for example. We've been complaining about them for weeks, some of you for years; but what really adds some flare to airing your grievances is adding some emojis.

Here are the top five emojis to use when you're complaining about Rockford potholes.

Eye Rolling Emoji


The eye rolling emoji is for when you're simply expressing the fact that you are so annoyed with and totally over the fact that we're even still complaining about these rim wreckers.

Cringe Face


You JUST hit a pothole that practically came out of nowhere and you had to share your experience immediately on social media. "Just hit the biggest pothole and I swear it sounded like my tire was going to explode."

The Face Palm


This emoji is designated for explaining to people that you were just pulled over because police thought you were driving under the influence, but you were really just trying to dodge potholes.

Loudly Crying Face


You just woke up and realized that you have a flat tire because you hit a Rockford pothole; to make matters worse, you don't have money to buy a new one.

The Swearing Emoji


This new emoji can pretty much be used for any encounter you have with a Rockford pothole. From car damage, to drunk driving accusations and everything in between.

[H/T: WOW 104.3]

What emojis would you use when complaining about the potholes in Rockford?

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