Like everything else in 2020 - trick-or-treating is going to be ... interesting. Some towns have already had it's a no-go, and some towns are releasing trick-or-treat times. So it looks like it all depends on where you live this year. But either way, the internet is totally embracing getting creative for social distanced trick-or-treating.

Here's what this video says to me. This person GETS IT. They know parents deserve a beer while their kid is getting all that candy.

Creator of the zip-line details on Youtube that he used fishing line for the line itself, and he secured the candy with rubber bands. If you aren't feeling that crafty, there's been plenty of other creative ideas online. Like this one made by a guy in Ohio -

So depending on your town's trick-or-treat rules, maybe this is something you can do this year to make things a little safer! Like I said, people are getting seriously creative with this.

Apparently 2020 is the year king sized candy bars became "so last year". Now the kids will all want to go to the house in the neighborhood with that cool candy zip-line.

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