If you had to guess the most popular chip across the country what would you guess? Lays? Pringles? You'd be wrong.

45 states have the SAME favorite chip. FOURTY FIVE. That's 90% of the country. How unoriginal! And of course Illinois is one of the 45. The entire Midwest is actually included in the 45. All the other states are on the West coast.

So here we go ... each state's favorite chip -

Credit Google Trends Via Insider
Credit Google Trends Via Insider

If you're like me then you're probably sitting there like ... 'Doritos?'. Because that's exactly what I did. So here's how they calculated all of this according to Insider -

But not every part of the country loves the same brand of chips. According to retail analyst IRI, Lays, Ruffles, Pringles, Wavy Lays, Tostitos, and Doritos have been the most popular brands of chips in the US. Using Google Trends, INSIDER Data compared the brands to see which among those were most searched from 2004 to today and where in the US people looked for them.

So here's my theory. If it's based on Google searches, then DUH it's going to be Doritos. Remember earlier this year when they released the new flaming hot flavor? Yeah, I can almost guarantee people Googling that secured Doritos as 45 states' favorite.

I love me some Doritos as much as they next guy, but I would never consider them a favorite. However, Cheetos, now we're talking.

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